The story...

Hoffabus is the project that almost never happened. Except, somehow it did.

I’ve been making records since I was 14, in a handful of different bands (Ruston Mire, Tube Top, Pop Sickle and The Service Providers), and as a solo artist.

And then, for a while there, I stopped. I had a lot of unfinished material, but I couldn't imagine a way forward, or who I was writing for anymore.

Then last summer, by chance, I ran into (producer) Martin Feveyear while waiting for a ferry boat. And suddenly, it all came together. I was working on my “lost record” again.

Hoffabus marks my first solo work since my incredibly prolific stretch in junior high, which included such indispensable works as 18.36 Minutes of Brian Naubert, Brian Naubert’s Greatest Hits, and Brian Naubert Does It Again.

This is the purest thing I’ve ever created. It’s the sound I’ve imagined when I closed my eyes, but have never been quite been able to capture. Here are thirteen songs, about loss, and beauty, and looking for home. Surrendering to wandering, and getting your mind blown by how exquisite and strange the world is. I recorded it in my home studio over the course of a decade, playing all of the instruments except for the drums (which feature longtime collaborator Mike Musburger). Then, Martin (who I’ve made three records with now) helped me whip it into shape by mixing and mastering on Vashon Island.

The record was just released and can be found on CDBaby, Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more! See the music tab for links.